Who are we?

LightPixel is a team of enthusiasts designing & developing fast-growing mobile apps and games in app stores (tens of millions of downloads in Asia, Europe, South and North America with ★4.6 rating on average).

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We grow the team to create the next great apps to solve people's problems.

How it started?
“A few years ago, when I had been sending invoices to my accountant and photos to my friends, I ran into quite a problem - internet uploading & sending limits. My files were too big to be sent. I couldn't collect everything at once and share it, I had to do it in batches which took much more time... This lost me time, and kept me awake at night. Then I decided to do something! I didn’t think long and created an application for resizing files - to save time and solve the issues that bothered me. It turned out that the application was useful not only to me, but also to other users. Then I thought it would be worth developing to help other people. This is how the LightPixel was founded.” - says the founder.

Mobile apps with mission

We develop apps to solve people's real-life problems, make their life easier and bring joy. We want our applications to be as useful as possible, that's why we:

  • follow the motto “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”,
  • constantly researching users needs,
  • listen to our users and respond to their feedback and suggestions,
  • improve our applications by optimizing existing features and adding new.

Success of our applications is a result of subsequent iterations and continuous development. We’re constantly looking for improvement opportunities, because we believe that we can make our apps better and better. And so far, it works!

25M+ downloads worldwide

    Total statistics:
  • 25+ Millions downloads
  • 467 000 reviews
  • ★4.5 - ★4.7 store rating
our apps usage map

Team about the work

Read what our team members say about working at LightPixel.

Dla mnie najważniejsze w pracy jest pracować z fajnymi ludźmi i czuć, że to co zrobię jest przydatne. Tutaj mam to wszystko.

Android Developer

W poniedziałek nie mogę się doczekać żeby iść do pracy - nie czuję że pracuję! Lubię też to, że to co zakoduję używają miliony ludzi na całym świecie.

Android Developer

Pracę w tej firmie cenię za duże możliwości zdobywania wiedzy i doświadczenia. Każdego dnia pojawiają się różne wyzwania, które z pomocą kolegów z zespołu zawsze znajdują niesztampowe rozwiązania. Ulepszamy wzajemnie pomysły i nie przestajemy się rozwijać.

Growth Marketer

Jako UX Designer widzę, że produkty nie powstają tu z przypadku, a kryje się za nimi zespół skoncentrowany na dostarczaniu najlepszej wartości dla użytkownika. Do tego chęć stałego rozwoju umiejętności własnych oraz budowanie teamu, który współtworzy, a nie tylko produkuje.

UX Designer

How do we work?

People at LightPixel strive for mastery. They listen, expect and give constructive feedback to each other. They are open to new ideas and have their own initiative. It is important for us to work efficiently and not to judge others.

    Our team distinctive traits are:
  • Ego under control - we are able to listen and admit something went wrong
  • Self-discipline - we are able to focus on one thing and deliver it on time
  • Step by step approach - we think and act iteratively
  • Problem-solving attitude - we have a positive attitude toward solving problems
  • Initiative - we don't wait for someone to come up with a task for us

Our three pillars:


Clean code

New technologies

Learning from team members

Challenging projects

Impact on architecture, libs, code, UX/UI, design, features, tools, workflow, work environment

Optimal environment for growth

Uncommon approach to brainstorming

No routine


Ego under control

Human approach to employees

Supportive people, mentoring each other

Constructive feedback

Not afraid to be challenged by the team

Asking questions when sth is not clear


Clear goals - OKRs

Reasonable task estimations

Work atmosphere where we enrich our ideas (1+1=11)

Code review


Defined requirements

Asking questions when sth is not clear

We have always been working 100% remotely and once in a few months meet face to face. It is how it was, how it is and how it will be.

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